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Does Your HOA Welcome New Owners?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

DO you have a new-owner welcome packet? If not, that is the first opportunity to educate new homeowners about living in an HOA that could help build your community and rally a team of association volunteers for your community.

Check out what should be in a Welcome packet and how it should be presented for your HOA

How should the Packet be presented?

Don't miss an opportunity to present your new-owner kit in person. The welcome packet is generally going to be well received, but you'll have better success if there's a person or people who provide it. Choose friendly people who are really good at relating to and meeting new people and who can give the appropriate sense of community and a friendly greeting. It takes a certain kind of personality.

What Should Be in Your Kit?

How should we construct the new-owner welcome packet? Here are things to consider including:

  • Governing documents. Provide a way for the homeowner to get all documents. Also, include any rules that haven't been recorded and might not have been provided with the Resale disclosure package.

  • Forms. Include the forms that homeowners need to comply with your association's registration requirements.

  • Recent copies of newsletters and board meeting minutes. It is always a good idea to review the newsletters before you include them.

  • Management company information. Provide an introduction letter explaining who you are, the name and contact information of any onsite manager, who is on the Board, maybe a customer survey about the community, and where new owners think improvement can be made.

  • Information regarding utility hookups. Provide contact information for electric, water, and trash services

  • Board and committee information. Provide a list of board members, along with the appropriate way to contact them. Do the same by listing committees and their chairs and encourage owners to volunteer to join a committee.

  • Ask for owners' contact information. Requesting all their contact information, where they want mail sent, their email address, and their phone numbers in the event of an emergency.

  • Assessment payment information. Provide the basics and a brief education on the penalties, late fees, and attorneys' fees that will be imposed if owners don't pay assessments.

  • Information on amenities. If you have a pool, clubhouse, golf course, or another amenity, provide information on its hours of operation and relevant rules.

Click here to get a sample and begin welcoming today!!!

Welcome Packet template
Download DOCX • 30KB

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