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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When are assessments due and how should I pay?
A: This is defined by your specific Association's governing documents and leadership.
Check your email or contact the HOA management via for details 


Q: Where do I find my community's governing documents?
A: These should have been provided when you closed on your home but you can also reach out to your Association Board to obtain these documents. 


Q: How do put in an Architectural Request?
A: First contact your Association board to obtain the appropriate documents and then submit them prior to making the changes.


Q: Whom should I contact if I spot a burned-out street light?
A: Please contact your Association Board. You can also contact your electricity provider.


Q: Whom should I contact if I spot a violation?
A: Please contact, in writing,  your Association's Board with the details of the violation along with any necessary proof. Follow up as necessary.


Q: What should I do if I receive a violation letter?
A: If you feel the letter is in error: Please contact your Association's Board with the details of the violation and get more info or give info of the error. as soon as possible after receiving the violation letter.  Follow up as necessary.


Q: What is the Homeowners Association?
A: Most HOAs are run by a board, which is typically made up of volunteers elected by their neighbor-owners. The neighborhood and how involved a board is in the neighborhood differs from HOA to HOA. Boards also may organize committees(which will include others in the neighborhood). The most common roles board officers, with being secretary, treasurer, president and vice president, and parliamentarian.


Q: Who can serve on the HOA Board?
A: HOAs boards are made of homeowners that live within the neighborhood boundaries. The CCRs or bylaws should outline what is considered a member of the HOA. 

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