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What is a Resale Certificate?

A Resale Certificate is a set of documents and disclosures that are assembled by a condo/homeowners association. The resale certificate is most often provided by the seller to prospective buyers.  


An HOA resale certificate is a financial overview of the HOA, including the seller’s current standing with the association. The resale certificate gives specific information about the property standing with the HOA and includes:

- disclosures of any past-due payments

- unpaid violations

- any pending violations,

and all fees to be due upon closing on the home.


The document would include information about the association as a whole – any pending litigation, the number of funds that the HOA has in reserve, and all planned expenditures for the coming year. It contains legal documents that describe the formation of the subdivision/condo association and how it operates, known as its CC&Rs, and may include other state-specific information.

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