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There are many mistakes that a new HOA leader makes:

10 Mistakes made by New HOA leaders and often by seasoned HOA leaders:

Mistake #1. Not learning how your association works.

Mistake #2. Doing more than you're permitted to do.

Mistake #3. Changing the character of the association.

Mistake #4. Doing too much too soon.

Mistake #5. Not investigating why policies are the way they are.

Mistake #6. Changing vendors hastily.

Mistake #7. Not learning from a previous board's actions.

Mistake #8. Thinking secrecy is permissible.

Mistake #9. Not taking the long financial view.

Mistake #10. Not understanding their fiduciary duty to the members.

The goal for every leader should be: "Do the RIGHT thing in the RIGHT way at the RIGHT time. The actions for this goal should start once you take office.

All new leaders are juggling alot of duties but this fact should not take precedence over what is right for the neighborhood. The best thing for all boards is that there is help available. HOA Management can be simplified

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