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HOA/POA Bills happening in the Texas House and Senate, check these out.

A list of House and Senate bill to watch and look into

  • SB 1951

This bill protects homeowners against abuses by directors.

  • HB 3367/SB1588

These companion bills address a number of issues. Thre is also a Realtors' focus.

  • HB 67

This bill is about a homeowner’s right to erect swimming pool enclosures, possibly prompted by issues like this one we told you about back in 2017.

  • HB 3844

  • HB 3952

This bill would put an office in the Attorney General’s office that would handle HOA issues.

  • HB1202

  • SB 602

  • SB 754

These bills remove race-restrictive covenants.

  • HB1383

Protecting rights to the canvas in subdivisions.

  • HB1467

  • HB 3502

  • SB1939

These bills are about holding meetings electronically because of covid.

  • HB 1569

  • SB 581

These bills protect homeowners’ rights to religious displays

  • HB 1960

  • HB 1961

  • HB 1963

  • HB 2537

These bills address short-term rentals within subdivisions.

  • HB 1970

  • HB 2076

These bills would regulate fines.

  • HB 2447

  • HB 2912

These bills give homeowners the ability to recall directors.

  • HB 3571

  • SB 1824

These bills give homeowners the right to install security measures like cameras and fencing.

  • HB 3857

This bill would limit the ability of HOAs to file liens.

  • HB 2387

  • CSHB2387

This proposed bill would cut back on attorney fees when you are fined or sued by your HOA because it would require the cases to be tried in Justice of the Peace courts, where neither side would need an attorney for representation.

  • SB 318

This bill would allow homeowners to access HOA records in condos.

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