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How to Make a payment

You can pay your assessments through several payment methods such as Online portal, In person at your HOA's banking  institution and by mail


Pay Online via Portal

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Pay in Person with a Check or Cash

  • Each HOA's Banking will allow you to make a payment at the banking institution but please


Pay by Mail with a Check

  • Allow 7 - 10 days for processing 

  • No Fee Charged. You may mail your check to:

  • ATTN: Your "Association Name" Please reference your Account or Unit Number 

  • Mail to: 1670 N. Hampton Rd Ste#106 PMB 1163


Billpay From Your Bank - Please read

  • Please Note: Each  bill pay system works differently, some banks will actually print a check and mail it, although they may immediately charge your bank account.

  • Please allow sufficient time for your bank to process and mail your payment. 

  • Please check with your financial institution if you have questions about how their "bill pay" feature works. Check your bank for how to setup, this should be checked annual to be sure of and amount or mailing location changes.

  • Please be sure your account number or the Unit number is referenced.

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